抵达阿拉斯加后不久,渴望冒险,我只能梦见之前,我吞噬了我可以从我面前出现的人找到的出版物的故事。阿拉斯加的历史充满了坚韧,精明和显着的角色,但是Frank Glaserstood out among all the rest. His 40 years of adventure in Alaska were immortalized in the pages ofmanbetx米兰通过Jim Rearden的着作,后来在书中阿拉斯加的狼人。As he was described to Rearden shortly after their first meeting, Glaser was “an old timer that old timers respect.” He was a market hunter, wolf trapper, wildlife researcher, and expert outdoorsman (you can read more about that in my feature story onfollowing the tracks of the Wolf Man).

关于Glaser的鲜为人知的是,他是一个大型墨盒书呆子。在20世纪30年代末期,他在11月份制作了这么多钱诱捕狐狸,他买了在Fairbanks的体育良好商店出现的每一个新的步枪和墨盒。他也让他们努力使用。然而,他的宝贝是。220 Swift。In Glaser’s words, Rearden writes:

“一世n the late 1930s and into the 1940s I had a Winchester Model 70 .220 Swift, and killed everything with it—moose, grizzly bear, caribou, sheep. However, the little 48-grain bullet didn’t perform well on grizzlies. But with a lung shot on hoofed game the Swift killed quicker than any other gun I ever owned.”


Many of the same stories in Rearden’s 1998 book were first written in the pages ofmanbetx米兰在20世纪50年代中期。I thought it was worth resurrecting the following two Glaser stories because they’re iconic tales that haven’t been carried into the digital age, and also because it’s interesting to note that even back in the day, serious outdoorsmen were fascinated with pet cartridges like the .220 Swift. An epitaph to Glaser in the July 1975 issue ofmanbetx米兰included a close call that Glaser and his Swift shared with a grizzly bear. As detailed in the book, Glaser had been on a solo wolf control trip in the Alaska Range, hunting and trapping wolves:

“On September 23 I returned to where I had set some traps at the entrance of a ground squirrel’s hole high in a saddle in the sheep hills northwest of my cabin. One of my wolf traps was gone with its log toggle, which had been buried. I thought I had caught a wolf. The nearest willows were about a mile away, and I thought the wolf had gone down there with the trap and toggle. I expected to find him tangled among the willows.

我点燃了下来the hill. Here and there I saw where the toggle had struck the moss. I reached the edge of the willows, and ahead I could see where the wolf had gone into the willows, and I started that way.

I had the surprise of my life when a big sow grizzly burst out of the willows about 15 feet away. She was shaking her head, growling, and bounding toward me. I quickly fired my .220 Swift, hitting her in the body. The 48-grain bullet slowed her, but she kept coming. I backed up and shot again. She kept coming. The bear slowed with each shot as I continued to shoot, but she kept moving and kept absorbing bullets. After dodging the bear several times and doing a lot of leaping and shooting, I finally dropped the animal with my eleventh shot. It fell scarcely a rifle’s length away. I hated to shoot the old girl but had no choice.


I sat on the bear and took a pinch of Copenhagen snuff to steady my nerves. After a time, when my heart had quit racing, I skinned the bear, then set some wolf traps around the carcass. Wolves love grizzly meat.”

Frank Glaser and a Grizzly Hide
Frank Glaser with the hide from one of many grizzlies he took. Photo from “Boxed with a Bear” by Jim Rearden inmanbetx米兰, April 1954


另一个故事涉及一只狼,狼群至少杀死了至少52个驯鹿,而Glaser花过的时间试图杀死它。他认为这是他唯一遇到的唯一聪明,与旧西方的一些传奇牲畜杀手持有过度聪明的人。狼队在1940年代中期,AK附近的Reindeer牧群肆虐,并且Glaser能够使用毒物诱饵在他们身上造成严重的凹痕。然而,他遇到了一只狼的后果,一个越来越苍蝇太聪明,无法堕落。狼有牧民,因为它是驯鹿。它宁愿在频繁的暴雪期间滑入并杀死,然后安全地返回山脉。His encounter is detailed in Chapter 28 of阿拉斯加的狼人,titled “The Teller Wolf”:



The wind was still gusting. Sometimes wind-blown snow blotted out everything; other times it would die, and the moon gave enough light so I could see pretty well. As I neared the herd the wind picked up a bit. Through the blowing snow I saw a dark blob. It was just coming light, and as I got to the blob I saw it was a dead reindeer, still warm, its bloody stomach and entrails strung out behind it. Wolf tracks, still visible in the swirling snow, told me all I needed to know. The crippled wolf had killed again and it was somewhere near.






Glaser’s stories told by Rearden, and in阿拉斯加的狼人, forever link Glaser and the .220 Swift, and elevate that cartridge to an almost mythic status. It’s interesting to me that many of the old timers like Glaser weren’t all that different from the diehard hunters of today. They had a passion for hunting, guns, and cartridges. They sought out the new and interesting, and put it to the test. Most importantly, they lived their own adventures, and their knowledge was based on real experience.